After nearly 10 years of developement Billiard Score will be retired now. There will be no forther updates to the app. So please search for some different app that fit’s your needs.

But what are the reasons?

Please understand that app development requires a lot of time and also a bit of money. Although the app goal was never to earn money there were several attempts to cover existing costs for hosting, testing device farms, etc. Searching for sponsors, donation feature, ads, subscriptions - non of them worked out. The overall income of all together was about 200€ over all the years. That’s definetly not enough to keep th app running from a financial perspective.

In addition the development, design, etc. was more or less a one man show from the very beginning. Unfortunately it’s no longer possible to invest that much time in this project due to personal reasons.

I want thank all those guys who supported the app in various ways. Especially Claus Reheis who actually was the initial idea giver for the app and gave a lot of constructive feedback over time. Also thanks to all the other faithful users who gave a lot of feedback and brought the app forwards.