Billiard Score is the new easy to use Straight Pool App.

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Why use Billiard Score

With Billiard Score you can concentrate on your game. Simply enjoy your game and let the App do the work.

Easy to use

The App provides all features you need and lets you easily document your straight pool games.

Manage players

You can manage your players and simply select them in a later game. No need to type the same names on and on.


Game Archive

You can save all games and review or continue them later if you want.

Optimized layout

Billiard Score is optimized to support different divices including Smartphones and tablets in portrait and landscape mode

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Billiard Score Features

Billiard Score is designed for usability! The aim is that you can easily write down your Straight Pool game without handling the boring paper sheet documentation.
Manage all your games and players. The game archive holds all games you saved. You can reopen and review them or continue if you want or delete them.
Players you've created can be selected from a list in new games. So you don't need to type the names on and on.
Billiard Score keeps track of all actions. Use the game history to review the course of game. Also each action can be made undone.

Download the Billiard Score App

You can download the Billiard Score App from the Play Store. Click on the link below and get the app.

There is no iOS Version at the moment. But it will come as soon as possible.

Play Store
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Contact Billiard Score

You have a question or a problem? Any suggestions or ideas for improvement? Please write us.