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Billiard Score supports automatic backup & restore when changing your Android device. This means your saved matches, players and settings are moved automatically to your new device.

How does it work?

Backup & restore uses the default Android mechanism for storing and restoring your data. The Android system automatically saves all Billiard Score data to a hidden folder in Google Drive. This happens on regular intervals. Then whenever you (re)install Billiard Score on some device the latest backup will be restored automatically.

What do I have to do?

You need to be logged in with a Google account and make sure that backup service is enabled. Go to Phone-Settings => Backup and ensure backup service is enabled.

I want to do a backup now

Billiard Score has no bearing on the update interval nor can it start an instant backup. If you don’t want wo wait for the next automatic backup go to Phone-Settings => Backup and press Backup Now. When finished you can (re)install Billiard Score another device and the backup will be restored.

What else?

For more information on Backup and restore see

What does not work?

This feature is not a solution for permanent synchronization between devices. So the idea is not to save matches and players on different devices and these will be synchronized to each other. Backup & restore is thought only for new app installs.