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Billiard Score Version 3.0.0 is a major release an brings some cool new features.

Dark theme

In addition to the existing green theme there’s a dark theme now. It is selected by default for new installations and you can change it for existing installations in the App settings section.


Handicaps for straight pool matches were already available in the last version. Now you can use theme also for 8/9/10 ball matches.

Match statistics

There is a statistics page for straight pool matches now that shows values like foul count, high run etc. In addition there’s a new feature to track safeties and misses. To enable it go to App Settings and check Track safes and misses. With this option you can decide if you finished your inning with a safe or a miss.

Shot clock

And finally the Billiard Score has a shot clock now. You can adjust shot clock time, extension time and warning sound in the App Settings.